2017 Single Lives Conference Program

Friday, 13th October

8:30-9:30       Registration Open, Humanities Institute Entrance
9:15                Conference Welcome:  Katherine Fama and Jorie Lagerwey

Opening Address:  Professor Sarah Prescott, College Principal, UCD College of Arts and Humanities

Panel 1A (Humanities Institute) 9:30-10:50
Single Occupancy: Architecture and Independent Space
Chair: Katherine Fama, University College Dublin

  • Erin Sweeney, University of California at Irvine, “Early American Architecture, Single Female Homeownership, and Women’s Civic Status in Wieland”
  • Sophia Maalsen, University of Sydney, “Single and Sharing: The Housing Experiences of Single Women”
  • Aina Marti, University of Kent, “No Place of Her Own: Single Women in The Awakening and Inevitable”


Panel 1B (Newman Building J208) 9:30-10:50
Single Demography & Ethnography
Chair: Mary Gilmartin, Maynooth University

  • Darlane Andrade, Federal University of Bahia, “Single Women Living Alone in Brazil: Narratives and Practices”
  • Emilia Paprzycka, University of Warsaw, and Joanna Dec-Pietrowsky, University of Zielona Góra, “Where Do Single Women Come From? Structural and Socio-Cultural Conditions of Single Women Living in Poland”
  • Julita Czernecka, University of Lodz, “Single Women: Stereotypes in the Mass Media vs. Real Reasons to Be Alone”


Panel 2A (Humanities Institute) 11:00-12:30
Feeling Single: Independent Affects
Chair: Jorie Lagerwey, University College Dublin

  • Faye Woods, University of Reading, “Too Close for Comfort: Direct Address and the Affective Pull of the Confessional Comic Woman”
  • Jessica Johnston, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, The Managed 8-bit Heart: Technology, Status, and Emotional Labor in Black Mirror


Panel 2B (Newman Building J208) 11:00-12:30
Guiding the “Extra Woman”: Advice for Single Ladies
Chair: Maria Stuart, University College Dublin

  • Ciara Meehan, University of Hertfordshire, “Why am I not Married? Locating Single Women in 1960s Women’s Magazines”
  • Joanna Scutts, New York Historical Society, “The Great Depression, Marjorie Hillis, and the Live-Alone Phenomenon”
  • Jessica Conrad, University of Delaware, “An Economy of Self: From Singleness to Sovereignty in Domestic Writings of Catherine Beecher and Louisa May Alcott”


12:30-1:30    LUNCH


Panel 3A (Humanities Institute) 1:30-3:00
Single Women & Reproduction
Chair:  Anne Mulhall, University College Dublin

  • Samira Mehta, Albright College, “Clergy, Co-eds, and Contraception: Liberal Clergy and the Fight to Get Contraception to Unmarried Women in the 1960s”
  • Monica Mercado, Colgate University, “Intellectual Catholic Women and the Fin-de-Siècle Girl: Singleness as Frame for American Catholic Women’s History”
  • Kristin Celello, Queens College, CUNY, “Neither Betwixt nor Between: Divorced Mothers in the Post-World War II United States”

3:00-3:30       TEA & COFFEE

Panel 4A (Humanities Institute) 3:30-5:00
Women at Work
Chair: Anne Fogarty, University College Dublin

  • Kathleen James-Chakraborty, University College Dublin, “Architecture and the Single Woman: Zaha Hadid versus Denise Scott-Brown”
  • Jenifer Clark, Fordham University, “Work and the Single Woman: Labor Practices Onscreen and Behind the Scenes in 9 to 5
  • Carolyn Washington, University of Buffalo, “Single, Female, Black and in Charge: The Challenge of Living while Leading in the US Army”

(5:15) Bus Rides into Town Center (via 46A, 39A or 145 lines)

KEYNOTE ADDRESS 6:30pm at the National Library of Ireland

Rebecca Traister, “Thornbacks to Spinsters to Welfare Queens: The Political Centrality of Unmarried Women in America”


Saturday, 14th October

9:00-9:30       Registration Open, Humanities Institute Entrance

Panel 5A (Humanities Institute) 9:30-10:50
The Cost of Love: Class, Sex and Single Women in Post-Civil Rights Black Culture
Chair: Andreá Williams, The Ohio State University

  • Andreá N. Williams, The Ohio State University, “Singleness, Success and Marriage Markets in Contemporary Black Theatre”
  • Aneeka Henderson, Amherst College, “Cinematic Spectacles of Single Black Women”
  • Brandon Manning, University of Nevada – Las Vegas, “‘It’s Got to Be Better In Phoenix’: New Frontiers for Black Women and Singleness in the U.S. West”


Panel 5B 9:30-10:50 (Newman J208)
Sex and the Single Girl: Singleness and Sexuality
Chair: Dara Downey, Trinity College Dublin

  • Jessica Hille, Indiana University, “Alternative Intimacies: Navigating relationships and identity on the asexual spectrum”
  • Ariana Ruiz, University of Iowa, “Norte’s Club Sufrimiento 2000: Writing Single Women onto the East Los Angeles Landscape”
  • Linde Murugan, Fordham University “(No) Sex and the Single Girl: Whiteness, Innocence, and Reproducibility”


Panel 6A (Humanities Institute) 11:00-12:30
Single Feminisms
Chair: Stephanie Rains, Maynooth University

  • Emma Radley, University College Dublin, “Troubled Houses: Rosamond Jacob and the Birth of Modern Ireland”
  • Eve Annuk, Estonian Literary Museum, “Singleness as a Choice: The Case of the First Estonian Feminist Lilli Suburg (1841-1923)”
  • Deborah Gussman, Stockton University, “Sister Spinster: Placing Catharine Sedgwick in Contemporary Conversations about Singlehood”
  • Susan Stanfield, University of Texas, El Paso, “Single and African American in Antebellum America: Being an Activist without the Shield of Motherhood”


12:30-1:30    LUNCH


Panel 7A (Humanities Institute) 1:30-3:00
Singleness, Health and Age
Chair: Paul Halferty, University College Dublin

  • Carrie Kancilia, Purdue University, “Revisiting the ‘Unnecessary Female’ in British Modernism: Unmarried Women as a Force of Change”
  • Elizabeth DeWolfe, University of New England, “Morbidly Restless and Seeking Excitement: Jane Armstrong Tucker, Illness, and the Single Life”


Panel 7B (Newman J208) 1:30-3:00
Single Catalysts: Independent Women and Cultural Transformation
Chair: Emma Radley, University College Dublin

  • Jacqueline-Bethel Tchouta Mougoué, Baylor University, “’The Free Women Menace’: Gender, Unruly Spinsters, and ‘Civilized Harlots’ in Postcolonial Cameroon”
  • Ellen Fleischmann, University of Dayton, “’Window to a World’: Single Women in Modern Middle East History”

3:00-3:30       TEA & COFFEE


Panel 8A (Humanities Institute) 3:30-5:00
From Spinsters to New Women
Chair: Michelle O’Connell, University College Dublin

  • Dashielle Horn, Lehigh University, “Spinsterhood and Privilege Among Jane Austen’s Single Women”
  • Melanie Gustafson, University of Vermont, “Blanche Willis Howard’s American Girl Abroad Becomes a New Woman”
  • Loretta Stec, San Francisco State University, “’New Women’ in Southern Africa”

Panel 8B (Newman J208) 3:30-5:00
Televised Singleness
Chair: Faye Woods, University of Reading

  • Rebecca Mercedes Gordon, University of Northern Arizona, “Blessed Brown Singleness? Chicana/Latina Single Ladies in Popular Culture”
  • Catherine Martin, Boston University, “Even Female Detectives Belong in the Home: Reasserting Postwar Femininity through Domestic Space in Candy Matson and Honey West
  • Paula Gilligan, Dún Laoghaire IADT, “’I am not sure I want this’: Sex, Work, and the Irish Woman in Popular Television Drama in Austerity Britain”


5:15-5:30: Brief Closing Comments (Humanities Institute)   K. Fama & J. Lagerwey 

(5:45) Bus Rides to Baggot Street (via 39A line)

Closing Reception   6:00pm          Cavern on Baggot Street
Join us for wine & snacks to celebrate the end of an exciting and productive inaugural Single Lives conference. Additional registration is required.


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